our integrated services

16S & 18S Fingerprinting, NGS: Metagenomics, WGS, Exome, RNA-Seq, ChIP Sequencing
genome annotation
Identification and annotation of genomic features such as genes, and non-coding regions. 
insilco gene mutation
Computational models to predict the effects of gene mutations, genetic variations and their potential impact.
protein modelling
Rendering of 3D models of protein structures, enabling the study of protein function, interactions, and drug binding sites
protein simulation analysis
Simulation of the dynamic behavior of proteins over time for studying their conformational changes, stability, and interaction mechanisms
insilco protein mutation
Structural and functional Analysis of protein mutations, providing insights into their role in diseases and potential therapeutic targets.
network pharmacology
Interactions between drugs, targets, and biological networks for identification of multi-target effects and optimization of targets
Analysis of RNA transcripts conversion to gene expression patterns, regulatory mechanisms, and functional genomics in various conditions
Comprehensive profile of metabolites using Gene Clustering Techniques with Whole genome Data for targeted drug delivery
Physiochemical property prediction, Spectral data prediction UV, FTIR, NMR, Bioactivity and Target  prediction 
virtual library screening
Screening of large libraries of compounds using ADME based computational methods for identification of lead molecule
qsar modelling
Development of Molecular descriptor based structural models to identify compounds with biological activity
pharmacophore modelling
Developmental of structural core with essential molecular features  aiding in the design of compounds with desired biological activities
Insilco approach to predict the  Cell line, Animal toxicity based LD 50 values of chemical compounds using its structure
computational tools to analyze immune system data for vaccine design, epitope prediction, and understanding immune responses
molecular docking
Prediction of  the preferred orientation and binding affinity of small molecule/peptide with its target protein 
molecular simulation
Dynamics simulation using Gromacs, NAMD, Desmond, MOE, Charm GUI up to 1000 ns using dedicated inhouse serves 
post md analysis
MD Simulation Calculations such as MMGBSA, Principle Component Analysis, RMSD, RMSF, Radius of Gyration, Trajectory Analysis