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Complete Toxicology Panel
Integrated Cell line and Zebrafish Facility
Inhouse Semi-Synthetic And Histopathology Laboratories


SimBioen labs and Scientific Services Private Limited   is a biotechnology start-up established in the year 2017, which aims at providing Pre-clinical Drug Discovery platform based Bio-technical solutions in life-sciences sectors. Services are offered in the field of Bio-analytics, Bio-assays, Journal Editing, Journal Type Formatting and Proof – reading. CRO services are offered in the field of Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Animal Models, Phyto-informatics, Biochemistry, Phytochemistry, Enzymology Genetic Engineering, Histopathology, Mammalian Cell culture and Molecular biology. Animal studies have been extensively conducted in in-house pre-clinical drug discovery facilities.

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Our Center of Excellence 

Center for Organic and Natural Chemistry 

The Center for Organic and Natural Chemistry (CONC) at simbioen labs, focuses on the study of chemical processes and substances found in nature. The center is dedicated to advancing the understanding of organic and natural chemistry through research and innovation, with a specific focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The team at CONC is composed of highly skilled and experienced chemists and researchers who work together to discover new and improved ways to synthesize natural products, develop new methods for chemical analysis, and explore the properties of naturally occurring substances. CONC aims to develop compounds using semi synthetic approach from natural origins. 

Center for Advanced Bioinformatics

The Center for Advanced Bioinformatics (CAB) at Simbioen labs, focuses on the development and application of computational and data-driven approaches to solve complex biological problems. The center brings together interdisciplinary teams of biologists, computer scientists, and mathematicians to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the field of bioinformatics, such as understanding the complexity of the human genome and developing new drugs and treatments. Center for Advanced Bioinformatics is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure to enable its researchers to analyze large amounts of data and develop cutting-edge computational tools and algorithms. 

Center for Alternative Animal Studies 

The Center for Alternative Animal Studies (CAAS) at Simbioen labs, is dedicated to exploring alternative approaches to the study and understanding of animals and their behavior. This center is focused on promoting humane and ethical methods of animal research, and seeks to challenge traditional approaches that may cause harm or stress to animals. The center also provides resources and educational opportunities for students and professionals, and actively collaborates with other organizations and institutions to advance the field of alternative animal studies. By combining cutting-edge research with a commitment to ethical practices, the CAAS is making a significant impact in the way we use animals for laboratory purposes. 

Our Area of Expertise 

Phytochemistry & herbal Technology

A Research facility dedicated to the study of chemical compounds found in plants, also known as phytochemicals. By promoting the use of phytochemicals in various industries, the team aims for the improvement of human health and the environment.

Industrial Microbiology

A Research laboratory setting dedicated to the study and application of microorganisms for industrial purposes, such as the production of biofuels, bioplastics, and fermented food and beverage products.

Polymer Chemistry

A Research laboratory specialized in studying and production of polymers from biological sources, including the synthesis, characterization, and processing with diverse industrial applications  

A cutting-edge research laboratory focusing on the convergence of nanotechnology and biotechnology to create new and innovative solutions to explore new ways for harnessing nanoscale based practical applications in the real world

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With our highly trained and experienced staff, strict protocols and regulations, and state-of-the-art equipment, our preclinical drug discovery  platform are designed to ensure the safe and effective development of new drugs.

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What are we doing…

Our Service portfolio includes a wide rage of assays and testing such as 

  • Microbial product testing
  • Molecular Identification - 16s
  • Compound Isolation - Plant source, Microbial source
  • Synthetic and Nano particle synthesis
  • In-vivo testing - Zebrafish
  • Invitro Mammalian Cell Culture 
  • Molecular Docking and Simulations
  • Histopathology 

Our Portfolio

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Even i am a slow learner they will teach me the techniques very politely. Mentoring was good , we learn new things easily only because of their teaching skills they'll teach from the base. They are students friendly .As a whole it was a good experience to work with them.
Priyadharshini Rakesh
Priyadharshini Rakesh
This lab gave me a very good experience related to my field. They supported me a lot in my project and provide great guidance. I learned many basic techniques and hands on training that will surely help me to build my future career. I'm thankful to the lab for giving such a wonderful experience.
Savitha K
Savitha K
A very gud option for doing interns nd projects. The best place to learn from basics in all fields of biotechnology. Very skilled, professional nd students friendly staffs. They taught the basic concepts in a very detailed manner, which enabled me to obtain a good grasp of the concepts. They also gave me a amazing practical hands on experience which is what is most important in thz field nd they cleared any doubts nd gave much effort for us😊 This training institute is a gud platform to all students. Overall a best place to improve ur skill set.
Sathiyapriya M
Sathiyapriya M
Thank full to the simbioen lab .I have learn more technical skills.very supportive staffs.quality work.
Sreenithi A - 4035
Sreenithi A - 4035
Very Good Mentoring, Learned Many Technical Skills Thank you
Deepika Jayachandran
Deepika Jayachandran
Excellent mentor, very good organization culture and a good amount of interaction
Minal Joshika
Minal Joshika
They were very good
Ayyappan Srinivasan
Ayyappan Srinivasan